Upcoming Weekend Retreat at Gonpo Ludup


Finding Our Buddha Nature (August 9, 2019 – August 13, 2019)

Creating Inner Space

How to meditate on our true nature

In Buddhist psychology, the mind’s natural quality is clear, spacious and open. Through regular meditation and contemplation, we can learn to touch into this deeper and freer nature of our minds each day and begin to live with more inner space and well-being.

This weekend program will explore fundamental meditation techniques for settling and relaxing the mind, and concepts for developing insight into the deepest nature of the self and the world.

Schedule (with lecture, discussion and guided meditation):

Friday, August 9 (Opening Talk): 7pm – 9pm
Saturday, August 10: 9:30am – 2:30pm
Sunday, August 11: 9:30am – 12:30pm

A Daily Meditation to Clear the Mind & Heart

Tuesday, August 13 7pm – 9pm

How can we let go of the ups and downs of the day and go to sleep with a clear mind and heart? How can we get unstuck in our spiritual life and make new steps forward? How can we break free of patterns that don’t serve us? How can we heal our heart and inspire our spirit?

Tibetan Buddhists have been relying on the timeless practice of Vajrasattva to work with these issues for many centuries. Vajrasattva represents the natural purity of our minds and hearts, and through visualization, contemplation and mantra, can bring powerful transformation, healing and peace, both on a daily level and over a long-term path.

This evening will be a tutorial-style session on learning how to do the practice, its meanings, and symbolism, and ways to apply it in our lives. We’ll conclude with a guided meditation on the actual practice.

Our Wonderful Teacher:

Justin Jenkins earned an MA in Buddhist Studies from Maitripa College in Portland (2009), and a BA in Religious Studies from Naropa University (2005). He has been practicing and studying Tibetan Buddhism for 18 years and is a longtime student of Yangsi Rinpoche and Lama Zopa Rinpoche. He was a co-founder of Lama Yeshe House back in 2003. He is a registered FPMT teacher and currently works as Donor Services Coordinator for FPMT International Office remotely from Colorado and serves as the Spiritual Program Coordinator for Lama Yeshe House.

More Information
Justin’s teaching will be hosted at our location in beautiful, scenic Laguna Beach. All backgrounds and interests welcome. Address: 2305 Temple Hills Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Suggested Donations (whatever you can give is appreciated, and no one is turned away for lack of funds):

Friday: $10
Saturday: $20 to $30
Sunday: $15
Tuesday: $10
Full Weekend Course: $45
— Printed materials and suggested readings will be provided.